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Elaine Cartas' Career Assessment Portfolio

Extracurricular Activities List

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Undergraduate Teacher's Aide [[ 04/07 - Present ]]

Before accepting this position, I was quite nervous since I have never taught a class to fellow peers. Although it has been a challenging position, it has allowed me to improve in my communication and time management skills. When I held my first review session, I was able to present with such ease. Not only has this job allowed me to learn how to be an effective speaker, but an effective communicator as well. For instance, I would assume that after explaining specified terms and theories, students would easily understand. In many cases, students did not understand. This feedback allowed me to learn that I needed to use more real world applications when explaining specified terms and theories. Additionally, this job has taught me to prioritize my time between my classes and my review sessions. I have learned how to effectively management my time to do both roles as a student and teacher’s aide proficiently.

Research [[ 04/07 - Present ]]

Research has given me the opportunity to familiarize myself within professional environments related to research advancement and career skills development. This quarter, I have been working on a literature review on organizational leadership. Organizational leadership examines how leaders affect the business environment. In working on the literature review, I have enhanced on my conceptual and networking skills. By reading a myriad of articles, I have learned how to differentiate what is important and what is not upon each article. Also, research has allowed me to meet numerous professionals in my field. For instance, I have been able to learn how to appropriately speak with a professional and keep in contact. Most importantly, I have learned how to make sustaining relationships with professionals who have similar career interests.